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For Hobbyists and Staging Sites.


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  • A 1 page website

  • Stunning templates

  • Stunning badge


Perfect for Freelancers


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  • A 5 page website

  • AI Marketing (*Fair usage applies)

  • AI Genie (*Fair usage applies)

  • Stunning templates

  • Remove Stunning badge

  • Premium widgets (Up to 3 live widgets at a time)

  • Custom domain

  • Blogs


A Stunning expert will create your website.


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  • Unlimited pages

  • Unlimited AI Marketing

  • Unlimited AI Genie

  • Form Submissions

  • Stunning templates

  • Remove Stunning badge

  • Premium widgets (Up to 5 live widgets at a time)

  • Custom domain

  • Blogs

  • SEO Optimization

  • Custom javascript / scripts

  • Google Analytics, Stripe, Intercom Integrations


Perfect for Building Websites for Clients

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Everything in Premium, plus

  • Admin panel to build websites for your clients

  • Allow clients to edit their own websites

  • Your agency logo and domain

  • Generate content with AI Marketing & AI Genie for your clients

Frequently Asked questions

Common Answers

Q: Can I generate a stunning website in any language?

Absolutely! Our AI website generator can create your site in any language. Simply start a chat with our AI in your preferred language, or ask it to generate the website in any language by writing in English. The possibilities are endless, so dive in and explore!

Q: Can I connect a custom domain?

Yes, you can! Easily integrate a custom domain with our Stunning editor. You can connect your existing domain following our simple steps, or purchase a new one right from the editor. Take control and personalize your web presence with ease!

Q: Can an agency use Stunning to resell websites?

Absolutely! Sign up as an agency and gain full control to build and resell websites. Your customers will see your agency's logo and domain, ensuring a seamless and branded experience. It’s super easy—give it a try and see how it enhances your business!

Q: What is AI Marketing?

AI Marketing is an innovative tool within Stunning that helps you create social media posts, write emails, and craft Google ads. Plus, our AI Genie assists you with writing blogs for your website or answering any questions you might have. Unlock your marketing potential and engage your audience more effectively!

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